stuck between being a full time adventure dirtbag, and a medical doctor

tessa thompson / doctor roser


rapidly being dragged towards my 30s, I have been known to panic quit life and go do something else for a break, before resuming my rambling non-linear career as a doctor.
I am currently in the doctor-mode, working in emergency medicine in Mpartwe/Alice Springs.

My current motto in life is “don’t let perfect be the enemy of good”, yet that hasn’t stopped me at being thoroughly below any level of “good” at the billion things I flit between. I dabble in photography and treat my camera very poorly. I intermittently fancy myself a rock-climber. I sometimes pretend as I go to sleep I would actually be a professional mountain biker if I could be bothered. I whinge a lot whilst hiking, but keep doing it. I have been known to lead and teach backcountry womens skiing, despite not being particularly good or qualified to do so. I once climbed a climb a week after Alex Honnold did, and even though he free soloed it and I cried my way up it – I’ll take it, and any of the finger sweat he left on it.

The most important thing to know about me is I swore when I was 17 that I would never become a doctor. I also swore I would never go rockclimbing. Or wear those daggy head torches or ugly puffy down jackets. I have since given up on swearing off things.

Rambles about my scrambles, technical descriptions of routes, trip-reports and reflective pieces on various adventures.

Opinion pieces, technical writing, rambly poetry and projects

“i don’t even like being outside”

– tess roser, everytime shes outside

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