When I was a teenager I had a list of things I would never do, never be and never wear. (I also had a list of all the things a perfect boyfriend would have).

I was never going to rock climb.
I was never going to be a doctor.
I was never going to date a nerd.
Headtorches were about as lame as you could get, except for wearing velcro sandals, and
Down Jackets were something old people wore when they became bird-watchers.

Now I am a rock-climbing, adventuring doctor, who – in between working long days and even longer nights – can be found sitting in the dirt by a campfire, eating vegetables liberated from Aldi dumpsters, while wearing a headtorch, down jacket and most likely sandals WITH socks. I’ll also probably be sharing my meal (and my fork – because let’s face it – I am never organized) with my first-class-physics-honours and first-class nerd of a Luke-Skywalker look-a-like husband.

Sweaty back, sitting in the dirt, taking photos. 

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